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Lab-grown meat solutions could help cut our environmental impact significantly, but how do you convince consumers to pick up the slaughter-free steak?

Dates for the Diary

9th – 10th

Food Matters Live 2021

With not just one, but three exciting events taking place in 2021, you’ll be able to discover the best competitive industry insights plus gain access to NPD solutions at regular intervals across the calendar year. Each event will feature the unrivalled education programme that is associated with Food Matters Live, combined with multiple networking opportunities, and much more.

Future-proofing nutritious, sustainable new product development

The commitment to sustainability within Gen Z generates a huge amount of power and drive just waiting to be harnessed in the next cohort of employees. To take advantage of this, you must promote the opportunities and rewards of sustainable new product development (S-NPD) to this dynamic group as an important and exciting career path.
20th – 21st

Food Tech Matters 2021

Food Tech Matters connects corporates and investors with the most disruptive start-ups in agri-foodtech. Join this high-level virtual event to explore breakthrough technologies paving the way for the future of sustainable food, gain the latest insights and developments from leaders through live interactive webcasts, and forge strategic partnerships via dedicated secure 1-2-1 meetings.

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Will the pursuit of global trade deals place British food standards in jeopardy? What will the impact of these deals be on our health, environment …