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Announcing the Food Matters Careers Virtual Events


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Bringing together industry, academia, government and jobseekers to forge new connections

Food manufacturing alone will need 140,000 recruits by 2024, according to research by Food and Drink Federation, it’s clear that in order to tackle the looming food industry skills shortage that academia, industry, and potential recruits need a forum to form new and valuable connections. The Food Matters Careers’ Virtual Event is here to help facilitate that.

The first Food Matters Careers’ virtual event, being held on October 15, 2020, creates a unique opportunity to bring together industry, academia and government from the UK and beyond to discuss the challenges faced and establish cross-sector, cross-border solutions. It also offers invaluable 1-2-1 virtual networking meetings, forging connections between industry, academia and potential new recruits, and inspiring case study-led sessions showcasing personal stories of individual careers in industry. Two further events have also been scheduled for November 24th and 25th.

The Food Matters Careers Events 2020

October 15, 2020

Inspiring the future of food and nutrition – Virtual Event

November 24th

Future-proofing sustainable new product development – Virtual Event

November 25th

Empowering tomorrow’s sustainable packaging designers – Virtual Event

About Food Matters Careers virtual events

Tackling the food industry skills shortage head on

Live panel debates and Q&A focus on why the food industry is facing a looming skills shortage. Discover how the industry and academia are working to change perception and learn from industry leaders practical ways that they are using to attract new talent to a vibrant career in food and nutrition.

Discover new career paths

Hear how speakers began their journey’s in their own careers and discover new paths you can take in your career development. Sessions will focus on the wide variety of roles available for jobseekers, and how they can forge their own path towards a similar role in the industry. These case-study focused sessions share personal experience, giving attendees an unparalleled look into the possibilities that await them on their own career trajectory.

1-2-1 networking opportunities

A unique chance to connect industry, academia and jobseekers in valuable 1-2-1 networking sessions. These sessions offer attendees the perfect chance to forge new relationships that will help reduce the skills shortage facing industry, and create a robust food and nutrition sector building a better food future.

To find out more, and learn how to get involved, contact us

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