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Industry vacancies: attract and retain future talent


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The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated how important food industry workers are, and Food Matters Careers is here to forge long lasting connections to help support a sustainable and nutritious food future.

Already announced are the first of three Food Matters Careers virtual events, and a dedicated careers portal to connect industry, academia and jobseekers, and now we’re pleased to announce that you can now utilise our industry vacancies feature to find the recruits you want with the skills that will be a perfect fit for your roles. Food Matters Careers industry vacancies are perfect for early entry roles in fields such as:

  • NPD / Product Development
  • Innovation / R&D
  • Nutrition & dietetics
  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain
  • Packaging design
  • Procurement
  • Brand management
  • Sales and marketing

Key benefits

The vacancies feature within the Careers hub enables you to post a description of the role, background on your company, and all the information necessary to help inform keen recruits, just as you would on other job boards.

An added benefit is that you’ll receive amplification for your job posts on our dedicated food industry social media channels, enabling you to speak to a targeted audience who will have the skills you need and the desire to work hard for your brand.

Through our network of universities and schools we’re helping to promote the vibrant, diverse and rewarding careers on offer in food and nutrition and this feature gives you the perfect chance to connect to this audience with your own opportunities.

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