Attracting new talent to food and drink: “We need to start when children are curious”


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How can the food, drink and nutrition industry raise awareness of the rewarding careers on offer in the sector and attract new talent?

In the latest Table Talk Podcast, the second in a series focusing on the skills shortage threatening the food and drink industry, we take a look at the industry perspective on how new talent can be encouraged to choose a career in the sector.

Joining our panel to give their insight into the problem, offer solutions, and to give a look at how they started on their successful career paths are Jacinta George, Managing Director, Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL), and Helen McNair, Technical Director, Lionel Hitchen.

Focusing on inspiring young people

A picture of Jacinta George, Managing Director, Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)

Could an impact be made by connecting with children at a young age? Jacinta George believes this could have a big impact. Reaching out to kids and showing them the magic of chemistry, and how it can impact tastes, flavours, and experiences, could capture the imagination of a whole generation of potential recruits.

Similarly, putting information about careers in one easy-to-find place could make the opportunities available more transparent. At the moment there’s some fantastic resources out in the ether, but perhaps what lacks is a central database or ‘hub’ where these resources can all be located.

Have a listen to the full, lively discussion with host Stefan Gates below.

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