Solving the food industry skills shortage: listen to the experts


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Food Matters Careers is focused on showcasing the different career opportunities in this sector at a time when building a sustainable future for food, health and nutrition has never been more important. The Covid-19 pandemic has confirmed what those in the industry have known for a long time, that food and nutrition is a vital industry for our health and security.

Food manufacturing alone will need 140,000 recruits by 2024, according to research by Food and Drink Federation, it’s clear that in order to tackle the looming food industry skills shortage that academia, industry, and potential recruits need a forum to form new and valuable connections and to share resources in order to encourage more people to pursue a rewarding career in food and nutrition.

Table Talk Podcasts focus on careers

Food Matters Careers Virtual Event takes place in October 2020 to help tackle the food industry skills shortage

The third, and most recent, in our podcast series focused on the many rewarding careers available in food and nutrition, join our panel including Moira Howie, Health and Nutrition Manager, Waitrose, and Claire Baseley, Registered Nutritionist and Nutrition Consultant as they explain their roles discuss their day-to-day responsibilities, and talk about why it’s so rewarding to pursue a career in nutrition. With the links between good nutrition and health and less-severe cases of Covid-19 revealed in the news recently the nutrition sector is an area where real impact can be delivered.

Why is the food industry facing a skills shortage?

Why is the food industry struggling with an image problem when it comes to getting bright and eager new recruits? In the second episode in a series of podcasts focused on careers in food, drink and nutrition we look at the problem from the industry perspective. Hear directly from industry experts from Lionel Hitchen and RSSL who have built their own careers in the food and drink industry to explore their views on the challenges of not just attracting but also developing young talent so that the food and drink industry can keep innovating to ensure a sustainable future for both national and global food systems.

Connecting industry and academia to work towards a collective solution

In this podcast we join the Food and Drink Federation Scotland, the University of Nottingham, and IFSTAL to discuss why the industry is finding it difficult to recruit new hires, how the perception of careers in the industry can be changed to attract new employees, and how academia and business can work together to make a difference.

Register now for the first in a series of Careers events

Food Matters Careers’ virtual event creates a unique opportunity to bring together industry, academia and government from the UK and beyond to discuss the challenges faced and establish cross-sector, cross-border solutions.

It also offers invaluable 1-2-1 virtual networking meetings, forging connections between industry, academia and potential new recruits, and inspiring case study-led sessions showcasing personal stories of individual careers in industry.

Registration is open for industry, academia and students. Register now to enjoy all the benefits of attending the Food Matters Careers virtual event in October.

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