Food Matters Careers 2020


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Delivering against inflated consumer demand and in uniquely challenging circumstances for the supply chain, the Covid-19 crisis has put the food industry front and centre in public awareness. This new-found focus on the sector offers a timely springboard to rejuvenate awareness of its rewarding and varied careers opportunities. To benefit from this and future-proof the industry, it is vital that we come together to showcase the myriad different careers in the sector whilst building a sustainable future for food, health and nutrition.

Food Matters Careers’ virtual event creates a unique opportunity to do just that, bringing together industry, academia and government from the UK and beyond to discuss the challenges faced and establish cross-sector, cross-border solutions. It also offers invaluable 1-2-1 virtual networking meetings, forging connections between industry, academia and potential new recruits, and inspiring case study-led sessions showcasing personal stories of individual careers in industry.

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