Future-proofing nutritious, sustainable new product development


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The commitment to sustainability within Gen Z generates a huge amount of power and drive just waiting to be harnessed in the next cohort of employees. To take advantage of this, you must promote the opportunities and rewards of sustainable new product development (S-NPD) to this dynamic group as an important and exciting career path.

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Sustainable new product development: a wealth of opportunity

NPD is at the heart of what makes the food and drink industry an exciting place to be. As we shift to prioritising sustainable diets, NPD is crucial to adapting our food systems to make that a reality. But do new graduates who are passionate about environmental issues see the sector in that way? What are the barriers faced by NPD professionals when communicating why the sector is so rewarding and getting the right people into the right roles? What do the rewards of success in S-NPD really look like?

Student personality and profile: joining the next generation of sustainable product developers

Beyond a commitment to creating sustainable food systems and healthier eating, how crucial are skills and attributes such as creativity and business acumen to new recruits aiming to flourish in this demanding and innovative environment? What should students and applicants be looking to demonstrate in their approaches to food businesses? What experience and attitudes are employers looking for?

Ensuring academic training is fit for purpose: from apprenticeships to university

With seismic shifts taking place in employment and working patterns across the globe, there has never been a more important time to ensure that education is meeting the needs of industry. As climate concerns intensify, the S-NPD sector is heavily aligned with the values of young people but school and university careers services often lack the necessary information and understanding to effectively promote this synergy. What needs to be done to square this circle? What possible routes exist directly from school to NPD roles? And how can relationships between industry and academia be strengthened?