Addressing the increased immunity demand with credible supplements

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Since the start of the pandemic, interest for supplements supporting the immunity has skyrocketed. The question for brand owners remains, how to address this demand with a credible solution that will sell longer than a couple of months? What type of product to launch to maximise the yield of the marketing investment upon launch?

When it comes to types of products brands are seeking for their consumers, PharmaLinea sees roughly two types, according to the hourglass theory. In a time of economic crisis consumers are known to shift from mid-range products and impulsive buying either down to the cheapest or up to the premium products – hence the shape of an hourglass. We can only speak for the latter segment when we confirm this principle. Back in the post-2008 crisis we saw very successful cases of our partners launching our premium, clinically substantiated products – as high as 120.000 units sold in the first year after launch. Since then, consumers have become more demanding, more digitally literate, more likely to proactively seek out information and scientific substantiation. Now especially, because the topic of immunity is so much more present, and people are more diligent about what they eat for their immune system.

Thus, in 2020 alone, we at PharmaLinea launched our clinically supported private label immunity products with 12 new clients into 12 new markets. Overall sales of our immunity products will have doubled from last year. The phenomenon is global and encompasses different product types.

>Your< Immuniq Line – our preventive line of products, based on the breakthrough ingredient Qimmune – shows the highest growth, distributed among all product forms we offer (syrup, sachets, and capsules) and covering all age groups. The products are synergistic preventive complexes with a wide range of functions: cold and flu symptom reduction, anti-inflammatory action, and prebiotic gut health support.

>Your< Immuniq Line is highly clinically supported with studies on the exact ingredients used and there is also an ongoing multi-centric, multi-seasonal clinical study on >Your< Immuniq Syrup for children. For our partners, many of whom have established brands and promote through medical detailing, the added clinical data will provide a key competitive advantage.

Other partners are addressing the well-established vitamin C segment with products from >Your< Ultra-C Line. These are next-generation, advanced vitamin C products with excellent non-acidic taste and proven stability. The branded source of vitamin C used in the product has clinically proven superior bioavailability.

Time to market is always key, but especially for immunity products and especially this year, when demand came very suddenly. Operating with a private label business model, we have the advantage of a portfolio of products that carry years of research and are ready to launch. The latter, a steady supply chain, and our own production facility all enable us to launch new SKUs fast and enable consistent sales for our partners.

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