“Being responsible for helping people to eat and live in a healthier way gives us a completely new perspective”

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Margarida Eustáquio, Business Development, Allmicroalgae explains how their business has shifted following COVID-19.

What has your business done to innovate during the COVID-19 crisis?

During the COVID-19 crisis, we had to re-organise our company towards new employee work schedules and safety rules, which allowed our research labs and production to continue delivering all the requests on time to our customers. Despite the online shop we already had, we also became an Amazon seller, improving our online selling system. Our efforts did not stop yet as we are planning to increasingly facilitate the consumption of our products through e-commerce platforms. During this time, we have also published more articles and invested in more advertising campaigns on human and animal nutrition online journals, in order to promote our products in a new “virtual” concept.

Finally, we are increasing our product portfolio, for human consumption, animal nutrition, and agriculture, as microalgae are recognised as a valuable superfood to boost immune system and a complete source of nutrients for our body vital functions. By innovating or changing our old way of working we are, hopefully, contributing to a sustainable business that will continue past the immediate crisis.

What do you see as being the most important trends when we come out of the other side?

On an organisational level, times of crisis can be both threatening and liberating. One of the most important trends will be the shopstreamimg, which will be spelling out the next direction for both real-time online shopping and social connections. Social media and e-commerce will trigger big digital waves of consumption behaviour faster than it has over the past few years. Furthermore, for our company, one of most important trends will be the need of eating healthier. To support individuals and families eating in a healthier way, food industry will become more focused on natural products that will allow a better nutrition status and consequently strengthen the immune system. That will probably be one of the most important trends coming out of the other side, which should be a long-term change on people´s daily life.

What is really exciting you at the moment about your business

What is really exciting us, is the growing responsibility in providing healthier ingredients, not only to human diet but also animal nutrition, or even organic fertilisers. Being responsible for helping people to eat and live in a healthier way, which may help to defeat the new threats that our planet is facing such as this virus, gives us a completely new perspective and ideas to develop our flexible business. It is also exciting to be able to contribute to a more sustainable planet: microalgae produced in scale up allows the production of tons of dry weight, which will consume a huge amount of CO2 (through photosynthesis) while providing us with a large concentration of nutrients.

What will people have seen from you at Food Matters Live in October?

At Food Matters Live, we showcased new exciting natural ingredients that will improve nutrition in a more sustainable and healthier direction. People saw our scientific novelties, in terms of what we have improved so far in our production, but also what we have in the pipeline for the future. Attendees got to see not only super products ready-to-use, but also all the new possibilities that we will bring to the food industry.

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