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BetaVia Complete: An ally for immune health

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Consumer awareness and concern for immunological health has never been higher than in recent months. European and global consumers have consistently ranked immune health among the top health concerns and as people adapt to the “new normal” world, this immune health trend will continue, with consumers becoming more knowledgeable about the value that nutrition has in keeping us healthy.

The demand for immune health products results in a huge market opportunity for supplementation and functional nutrition. The global immune health supplement market is expected to grow 7% (CAGR) between 2017 and 2025 reaching a value of $ 25 billion by 2025 (1). This data reveals an opportunity in the immune space where finding innovative ingredients, backed by science providing immune support benefits is key to success.

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health has recently introduced in the European market BetaViaTM Complete, a natural, immune-strengthening ingredient sourced from the alga Euglena gracilis.

Kemin submitted a Novel Food application that was positively evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) after a comprehensive examination of the ingredient, history of use, method of manufacture, identification, characterisation and safety. EFSA could not have reached this positive conclusion without Kemin’s proprietary safety data which grants a five-year exclusivity on sales in Europe (2). The final Commission Implementing Regulation authorising the placing on the market of the ingredient was published in December 2020 (3). This authorisation built on the Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status in the United States of America and the history of safe consumption in the Asian Markets.

This special alga has a specific characteristic of storing energy in the form of paramylon, which are crystalline structures made of long chains of linear, 1,3 beta glucan that can make up between 20 and 80 percent of the cell’s weight. Kemin grows Euglena under controlled conditions and the optimisation of the growing process allows the production of exclusively 1,3 beta glucans together with proteins and other micronutrients resulting in a natural, minimally processed nutrient-dense ingredient.

The 1,3 beta glucans act as immunomodulators by interacting with the human body first line of defense, the innate immune system. Key immune cells, such as the macrophages and dendritic cells, have a specific set of receptors that recognise and bind the 1,3 beta glucan structure resulting in the uptake of these particles and facilitating the priming of the innate immune system. (4,5).

BetaVia Complete supports the immune system naturally by its unique triple-action protection mechanism backed by Kemin pre-clinical research which involves priming key immune cells, fuelling healthy gut bacteria and protecting the intestinal barrier integrity (6-8).

How BetVia Complete supports immune health

The efficacy of BetaVia Complete was confirmed in a clinical study published in 2019 (9). In this study, active and healthy participants were supplemented with BetaVia complete or placebo administered in capsules in the morning. The impact of supplementation on immune health was evaluated through the validated Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey (WURSS-24).

Supplementation with BetaVia Complete for 90 days resulted in statistically significant reduction in global severity of symptoms, number of URTI symptoms, number of days with symptoms and fewer sick days compared to placebo.

A post-hoc analysis, where the daily responses were evaluated, highlights that the BetaVia Complete group diverged from the placebo in the first week of supplementation. The daily recommended dose for adults is 375mg.

The effects of BetaVia Complete in protecting immune health

BetaVia Complete is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications and food supplements starting as early as 1 year old making it the perfect choice for an all-family holistic solution to support immune health.

To learn more about BetaVia™ Complete, click here.


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