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“Consumers will purchase from brands they trust, and this may lead to different consumption habits”

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James Smith, Managing Director, Kalsec Europe, discusses how they’ve reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what trends they see becoming the norm in the future in a fascinating Q&A, including why consumers will purchase from brands they trust in the future and how this will impact consumption habits.

What has your business done to innovate during the COVID-19 crisis?

Kalsec operates with a long-term outlook to be private and sustainable for 100-years. This position has enabled us to provide certainty to our customers during this crisis alongside exploring new opportunities to connect with and support customers. Our Sales and R&D teams have developed and delivered virtual live tastings in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. These enable face-to-face project support and new product development (NPD) inspiration. We have been able to grow our strong customer relationships and offer specialist application and marketing support through virtual platforms.

What do you see as being the most important trends when we come out of the other side?

James Smith from Kalsec explains why consumers will purchase from brands they trust

From the consumer perspective, we believe value for money will be essential. This could mean swaps to cheaper cuts of meat, an increase in snacking mini-meals or consumers returning to shopping around for the best deal, back from the increase in the single weekly shop seen during the COVID-19 crisis.

While value will be a concern, consumers will continue to look for ways to indulge at home, through seasonal eating experiences, more adventurous meals or re-creating food experienced abroad.

Additionally, trust and transparency, while always important, is being heightened throughout the supply chain. Consumers will purchase from brands they trust, and this may lead to different consumption habits, such as increasing consumption of plant-based protein over meat.

What is really exciting you at the moment about your business?

For over 60 years, Kalsec has cultivated robust relationships with our supply partners around the world. Combined with the care we have demonstrated for our employees’ safety, these are allowing us to continue meeting our customers’ needs with unrivalled service. The new initiatives which allow Kalsec to stay connected to and supporting customers; virtual tastings, marketing insight, etc.

What should people expect to see from Kalsec at Food Matters Live in October?

Kalsec are delighted to have the opportunity to connect virtually with attendees of FML 2020, and we look forward to delivering insight on the latest industry trends and how Kalsec solutions make products look better, taste better and last longer, naturally.

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