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Kemin is a global company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa and operates in 60 countries with local manufacturing facilities. Kemin strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services.

The food technologies EMEA division provides a line of natural and synthetic solutions to extend shelf life and assure safety of foods and beverages. Delivering scientifically sound, innovative products through local services and supply chain control enables the food group to provide ingredients that protect nutrient qualities and visual appeal of food products. Through ‘Protection and Performance’ we enable our customers to develop better-performing products that stay fresh longer.

Kemin offers label-friendly food safety and shelf life solutions including BactoCEASE® NV and NaturFORT™.


The Kemin line of food safety solutions is based upon buffered vinegar technology. As microbial spoilage determines shelf life, the label-friendly ingredients are designed to protect processed meat, poultry, and fish products from spoilage bacteria, leading to shelf-life extension. The unique ingredient — buffered vinegar — will have no negative effect on quality parameters. BactoCEASE NV Liquid is easy-to-add to brines, marinades, or direct application to processed meat, poultry, and fish. BactoCEASE NV Dry is ideal for addition to spice blends, and can also be added directly to processed meat, poultry, and fish products.

BactoCEASE NV is an alternative for chemical preservatives. It’s a label-friendly food safety solution with a balanced flavour profile designed to protect meat, poultry and processed fish products as well as deli salads from spoilage bacteria. Moreover, BactoCEASE NV extends the shelf life of those products.

Buffered vinegar to increase shelf life.

Microbial spoilage is a key factor in the shelf life of a variety of protein rich food products. Testing has shown that vinegar-based ingredients protect Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods and other processed meat, poultry and fish products from spoilage bacteria. Moreover, these ingredients meet the increasing consumer demand for label-friendly and low sodium products.

Kemin’s Buffered Vinegar ingredient for food preservation has no negative effect on meat quality. This includes parameters such as water holding capacity, protein denaturation, colour and flavour. This product line is available in both liquid and dry forms making it easy to add to brines, marinades, spice blends, or direct application to meat.

Kemin also offers BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid, an organic buffered vinegar solution that can be added to organic food products.


NaturFORT is a versatile combination consisting of rosemary and green tea extracts complementing each other. They provide superior protection with a positive impact on flavour, colour and odour. The blends are highly efficacious in sauces, dressings and condiments as well as in meat and poultry products.

The combination of rosemary and green tea extract provides many advantages over single-ingredient antioxidant solutions:

• The combination of water and oil soluble ingredients gives a stronger protection of the entire food matrix.
• Due to milder, more balanced flavour characteristics of the blend higher application rates can be used compared to single ingredients. For example, the addition of high levels of rosemary extract or green tea extract alone may negatively affect the flavour profile of meat.
• The catechins in green tea extract are known for their potential to act as an iron chelator, suppressing the pro-oxidant iron that can be released from the hemoglobin during the production of ground meat.

Our services

Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team uses our technical expertise and problem-solving skills to uncover the source of our customer’s problem and develop a tailored solution. Our CLS team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing to understand the influences of all food ingredients on the stability of your final product to keep it safe and fresh. Whether you are formulating a new product or reformulating an existing one, CLS can help reduce your testing time and meet your go-to-market goals.

At Kemin, we collaborate with our customers on their food challenges. We provide testing in our fully equipped CLS laboratories to arrive at the best solutions. Our teams of experts develop, test and recommend food solutions targeting specific customer needs. We also provide onsite consultations, brainstorming and engineering assistance.

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