“Consumers are taking greater ownership of their health and seeking immunity boosting foods”

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Azelis Food & Health are a leading speciality distribution business offering a unique and extensive range of performance flavour and nutritional ingredients from world class manufacturers into all market sectors. Here, Mandy Talbott Senior Sales Manager for Azelis Food & Health discusses the business model and support on offer to customers ,through these tough times, and how consumers are taking greater ownership of their health and seeking immunity boosting foods.

What is really exciting you at the moment about your business?

The products and Principals we represent along with the dedicated Team here at Azelis and the multi-tiered business model that we operate; you can really feel through every part of our business that we are all in tune with the primary objective of giving a first class experience to our customers , irrespective of whether they are small, medium or blue chip.

Our business model allows our customers to onboard and benefit from our account management, technical, Quality and supply chain excellence; this may be fulfilling a procurement need or collaborating in close partnership from concept right through to the manufacture of a customer’s new product launch. When you see a product hit the shelves or know that someone is enjoying it in a restaurant, a cafe or a bar somewhere; it ignites a great sense of satisfaction and excitement and foremost that our customer has achieved their goals and will want to come back to Azelis and repeat the experience.

What has your business done to innovate during the COVID-19 crisis?

Even outside of these unusual times we have seen the value in keeping close to our customers and being on hand to discuss and offer solutions to any challenges they are experiencing, for example helping with product sourcing or reformulation.

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Azelis were very quick to ensure that the majority of business functions were able to continue running safely, smoothly and effectively. Our in-house sampling team, along with our development kitchen, continued to function during the lockdown period enabling Azelis to assist our customers in developing new recipes to meet the changing trends and requirements of the food & health industry. We also quickly embraced the use of Teams etc. to enable Azelis to keep in contact with our customers, but also to enable our Principals to hold training sessions for our staff and customers. This meant once our customers could fully get back to work, they would be armed with the latest innovations and materials to enable them to develop new lines very quickly.

What do you see as being the most important trends when we come out of the other side?

Consumers are taking greater ownership of their health and seeking immunity boosting foods and drinks which are of course aligned to this. Plant based foods continue to grow from strength to strength along with an increased interest in sustainability and provenance. We are starting to see this right now and can only anticipate that this will continue to roll and accelerate both during and beyond these unprecedented times. We have some great tasting concepts that have been developed across all application areas which embrace these trends and enable Azelis to meet different applications from specialist areas such as healthy and nutritional snacks through to staple foods.

What should people expect to see from you at Food Matters Live in October?

We will be holding virtual 1:2:1 meetings along with round table presentations which will showcase some of the World class Principals we partner with and the exciting products that we proudly have in our portfolio. We will hold virtual demonstrations for new concepts within the customers areas of application interest and we will also be proudly presenting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR )values that Azelis embrace, and the global Together for Sustainability (TFS) initiative.

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