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With over 25 years’ experience working with the food industry, FareShare has partnered with hundreds of organisations to help them manage their food waste and get good quality surplus onto the plates of vulnerable people. By identifying and redistributing good-to-eat food waste in the supply chain, FareShare gets food onto the plates of over a million vulnerable people every week.

By using the FareShare Surplus with Purpose fund, your organisation can support frontline charities tackling food poverty in communities across the UK, while also reducing your own food waste.

Manage food waste: a picture boxes of food for charity

To help you do this, the Surplus with Purpose fund can help cover additional costs you may incur in redistributing your surplus to FareShare, with up to £50,000 worth of funding available for companies seeking to unlock new or hard to reach surplus (or ‘waste’) food, as well as organisations that haven’t previously worked with FareShare.

FareShare works with more than 500 companies across the supply chain – from farmers to hauliers, hospitality chains to supermarkets, and big brands to small, independent producers. Hundreds of organisations are currently accessing the fund, including manufacturers, growers and well-known retailers.  “Working with FareShare has massively reduced our food waste,” says Sarah West, National Accounts Executive at itsu. “Where we would have to dispose of extra unsold stock, we’ve been able to share it with charities, which is great because we are reducing our waste as well as giving to people in need.”

“This will make a massive change in our business in the long term as we will now use FareShare for a solution in the future for all of our surplus stock to reduce our waste and therefore increase our sustainability.”

With the current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are facing food poverty. In just a few months FareShare has seen the number of charities joining its waiting list triple, so to support more vulnerable people than ever before more food is urgently needed.

Instead of sending your food waste to landfill or Anaerobic Digestion, FareShare can help you to give your surplus purpose and help make a real difference to people’s lives, via the Surplus With Purpose fund. Find out more on the FareShare website here.

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