“People across the globe are taking a much closer look at their physical health, and in particular to their immune system”

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We speak to Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado to hear how people are taking a much closer look at their physical health, and how Clasado have been innovating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what to expect from them at Food Matters Live 2020.

What has your business done to innovate during the COVID-19 crisis?

To ensure we are able to constantly evolve, we have made sure that our business is just as agile as the market it serves. In terms of adapting to Covid-19, one of the decisions we made was to introduce remote working well before any legislation or government recommendations. This gave us a considerable advantage, as we had a head start on securing our manufacturing and supply chain. We ensured we had a strong and robust supply of product ‘on the ground’ throughout and could continue to supply the market without disruption.

We have also developed a number of new educational resources including a white paper and webinar, concerning the complex gut-immune system interplay, as we’ve seen more consumers spending time online, looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of this area.

What do you see as being the most important trends when we come out of the other side?

Per Rohne, CEO of Clasado, tells us how more people are focusing on physical health

One of the most important market changes we’ve seen is that people across the globe are taking a much closer look at their physical health, and in particular to their immune system. The gut and its influence on the body can be complex for the general public to understand, but we expect the surging interest in it to continue as the interplay between the gut and other areas of the body is uncovered. Consumers are understanding that the microbiome doesn’t just help with digestion, it can influence other key areas of physical health and mental wellbeing too. It’s an ideal time for businesses in the gut health space to join our campaign for better gut health education.

Consumers are actively seeking knowledge. They are looking to better understand the current products on the market, investigating the specific ingredients in them, and to understand how they work. This creates a lot of opportunity for brands in the health and nutrition sectors.

There are significant purchase trends to uncover too, in how consumers are buying their health and nutrition products. Through the pandemic, as a direct result of the lockdown around the world, Clasado has seen a surge in online purchases from consumers that would not usually have bought online. We have taken this opportunity to revise our customer facing Bimuno® website and put a renewed focus on learning and education around the gut microbiome.

What is really exciting you at the moment about your business?

We’ve had a fantastic year of change and growth, and I believe Clasado is currently at the apex. Our prebiotic ingredient Bimuno®, is the most widely studied of its kind, but the business now has the team, united vision, logistics and global reach to truly make a difference. We have made real strides forward and are achieving what we set out to do. Our customers are seeing the changes come to fruition and we are continuing our global expansion.

In addition, we believe that the sector has a responsibility, too. We don’t just provide ingredients that meet the demands of today’s consumers but work hard to boost collective knowledge and supply accessible learning platforms to the nutrition industry, healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Gut health is such an exciting and fast-paced sector and consumers are proactively engaging with it. We have seen this through our proprietary ingredient, as well as through our own range of finished consumer supplements.

What should people expect to see from you at Food Matters Live in October?

Delegates to Food Matters Live will see the powerful science and research behind Bimuno®, matched with the marketing value that makes it so appealing to manufacturers. Our team will be on hand to share knowledge and insight and help guide attendees through the process of adding the award-winning Bimuno prebiotic ingredient to new or existing products.

Clasado’s own Dr. Luis Gosalbez will be leading an unmissable Innovative Ingredients talk at Food Matters Live that expands on the growing role of prebiotic and probiotic supplements, charting the category’s growth and outlining the consumer trends that have accelerated product development. For instance, as a society we are becoming much more immune-conscious, but how is that awareness reflected in the design of today’s health and nutrition products?

Dr. Gosalbez will also be explaining the developmental journey of Bimuno, from its beginnings at the University of Reading to its strong market position today. The talk will also delve into the key focus areas of microbiome research for us here at Clasado, including gastrointestinal health, immune system modulation and cognition – and what it means for the consumer.

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