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Plant-based foods: “Experience & expertise is key in unlocking plant-based potential”

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The shift to more plant-based diets has undeniably become the most significant trend in the food industry. 56% of US consumers have adopted new dietary attitudes toward plant-based foods, and NPD has increased in kind. Products with a plant-based claim have increased 60% year on year up to 2018 and have increased further still since.[1]

Ulrick & Short’s range of clean label ingredients is exclusively plant-based. Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, the company says that they have been waiting for the plant-based revolution for several years.

You can listen to Ulrick & Short’s Co-founder, Adrian Short, and R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, talk about the future of plant-based & clean-label foods in light of COVID-19 in the latest Food Matters Podcast.

Their ingredients are comprised of clean-label starches, flour, fibres & proteins. Their patented processing technologies extract the natural functionality of the crop, with no chemical modification. Their range is derived from a broad range of crop bases such as wheat, rice, pea maize, bamboo & oat, and as such has a very broad range of functionalities and textures.

Specifically, for vegan & plant-based applications, their range is comprised of functional & textured proteins, functional fibres, & starches.

For example, the latest addition to Ulrick & Short’s protein range, complexTM T16, has been designed specifically to open up the texture of vegan or flexitarian meat analogues, providing a more ‘meaty’ bite and mouthfeel to products, and allowing manufacturers to mimic the eating quality of meats.

Moreover, our expertise means that their solutions do not just provide functionality, but can also assist with nutritional & allergen considerations, such as

  • Sugar Reduction
  • Fat & calorie reduction
  • Fibre & Protein fortification
  • Completing amino-acid profiles
  • Removal of gluten & soya

This experience is proving invaluable.

Co-Founder & Director, Adrian Short, said “Plant-based is the norm for us. Whereas other suppliers and developers have had to adapt to this as a new trend, we have only ever developed clean-label, plant-based & functional ingredients.”
Short added “Experience & expertise is key in unlocking plant-based potential. There are now countless suppliers that can sell manufacturers vegan suitable ingredients, but what makes a great vegan product is fully understanding the role of these and being able to use the correct combinations and formulations.”

Ulrick & Short’s R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter added, “Vegan & flexitarian meat alternatives bring with them multiple textural & structural challenges, so often to achieve the desired texture & finished product quality, multiple products must be used in conjunction. We don’t just have a really broad pallet of crops & textures, but also we will provide the technical support to our customers to ensure that we are both using the correct specific ingredients to achieve the desired functionality, and also our customers are extracting the best from the ingredients themselves.”

For more information on our ingredients, and how we can help you, email or visit our website at

[1] Innova Market Insights

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