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Restaurant technology: how you can separate yourself from the competition

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Source: Natta

In these turbulent times Natta advises restaurant operators to use technology to creatively differentiate themselves from competition, whilst also focusing on profit maximisation.

In particular, the London-based voice and app agency has launched a suite of smartphone apps designed to help restaurants, pubs and bars respect social distancing and get back to trading profitably.

The range includes familiar features like food delivery and click & collect solutions, as well as new ‘must-haves’ for the post lockdown, such as phone-to-table ordering apps. The latter is especially helpful to ensure social distancing as restaurants reopen. It communicates to diners a sense of safety and care and customers will know that their favourite restaurant has their health at heart.

All solutions focus on minimising costs (i.e. reducing dependency on staff, eliminating high fees charged by platforms, etc..), standing out from competition and complying with safety regulations.

A picture of a restaurant tech app that allows orders to be made using a phone

The apps are white-labelled and tailored to the restaurants’ brand by an in-house designer. Restaurateurs are asked to pay an affordable one-off fee and are then given all the tools to manage their own takeaway/ social distanced services, thus cutting off the need for any recurring cost and ensuring long term profitability.

Natta’s focus on the hospitality industry is supported by the experience of the founder Jon Sprank, former European Sales Director at iZettle and subsequently at F&B focused digital agency Adwaiz. The company started out by creating the first end-to-end voice food ordering software for Alexa smart speakers, which was successfully tested in partnership with South London based restaurant Other Side Fried before the virus outbreak. In the face of the crisis, Natta decided to slightly pivot and support the restaurant industry with iOS and Android apps.

Restaurant operators should embrace technology

Today, operators must be willing to take some calculated risks towards adapting their business to the ever-changing climate we find ourselves in. Innovating in the face of uncertainty takes courage, but the restaurants that do are the ones who will be able to adapt and overcome hurdles on the way to normality.

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