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AAK Butter Alternatives – registered with the Vegan Society

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A range of plant-based oils and fats designed to work in any recipe, wherever butter is currently used.

AAK Butter Alternatives have been developed to mimic the dairy taste, mouthfeel and melt profile of butter, making them suitable for use in everything from cakes and frostings to sauces and confectionery.  Available in a range of formats, both liquid and solid, to enable easier handling with no tempering and faster mixing times, AAK Butter Alternatives can help you achieve an improved nutritional profile with 25% less saturated fat than butter.  Their functionality within a recipe can also help achieve sugar and calorie reduction.  Registered with the Vegan Society, they are ideal for use in a variety of vegan and plant based recipe developments requiring an alternative to traditional dairy fats.  For more information please contact