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AstaReal® natural astaxanthin – Nature’s most powerful antioxidant

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AstaReal® astaxanthin is the world most studied brand of natural astaxanthin with over 60 human clinical studies. Our bulk product range allows the development of innovative dosage forms, from traditional to on trend, such as soft burst capsules. We offer oleoresin products, water dispersible products, and AstaReal’s unique biomass with the markets highest concentration of astaxanthin.

AstaReal® products offer unrivalled levels of product purity, quality and stability. Stability and purity of natural astaxanthin is important and poor quality can have a negative impact on your final formula. Our cultivation process allows for optimal maturation of the cells, resulting in a superior product with the highest quality, stability and concentration available on the market. Natural astaxanthin is a high value ingredient and not all astaxanthin is created equal, don´t take the risk – use a trusted source of natural astaxanthin. AstaReal® is ISO, HACCP, MUI Halal and Kosher certified.