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Avena offer nutrient dense, clean-label pulse and oat ingredient solutions

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Avena’s innovative and nutrient dense pulse and oat ingredient solutions are clean-label, ready-to-eat, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, fully traceable, sustainable additions or replacements for eggs, dairy in plant-based beverages, meat and meat analogues, snacks and baking.

Avena Best Pulse Egg Replacer is specialty milled from whole pulses. Naturally high in protein, it has similar functional properties to eggs, such as emulsification, binding and foaming. This ingredient is neutral in color and odor and provides a shelf and cost-stable replacement for eggs.

Avena Purity Protocol oat flours are milled in a dedicated and certified gluten-free oat mill. Avena’s safe, clean oat flours are perfect for use in plant-based beverages and dairy alternatives.

Avena Best Pea Hull Fibers are dry-milled from cleaned pea hulls using a proprietary process without the use of chemicals, enzymes or buffers. These fibers are 90% total dietary fiber (dry weight basis) and are neutral in odor and flavor.

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