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Ceratonia+ Black Essence

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CERATONIA+ BLACK ESSENCE is a functional carob syrup, 100% natural, rich in antioxidants, with a high content in Potassium and has a balanced carbohydrates ratio.

Ceratonia PLUS S.L is a Spanish family owned company dedicated to producing carob syrups as natural and functional ingredients which provide added value for the Food and Beverages Industry. The carob is the fruit of the carob tree, which is an autochthonous tree of the Mediterranean area and contributes to combat desertification and climate change. The fruit not only provides our syrups with its typical organoleptic characteristics, but also makes it a product rich in antioxidants with a high content in Potassium, a source of Calcium and Magnesium and has a balanced carbohydrates ratio. Thanks to the carob our product can have an important content in D-Pinitol, which is a natural compound related to the important family of inositols. The interest of this compound lies in its multifunctional as anti-cancer, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, osteoporosis preventive, and anti-aging properties. In addition, thanks to this compound we have a very low glycaemic index in our syrups owing to it regulating blood glucose levels, so that it could be very useful for people with type 2 diabetes miellitus.

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