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Equinom: Smarter sesame

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With huge value packed into a tiny superfood, sesame has become one of the world’s most prominent oilseed crops and an essential part of a nutritious diet.

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Equinom’s breakthrough sesame varieties are abundant in qualities targeted to food industry specifications:

  • Shatter-resistance and the ability to be mechanically harvested: Make cultivation cost effective and minimize yield damage and loss
  • Durability in a range of growing conditions: Enable sesame to flourish in climates previously unfavorable to the crop
  • High oil content (50-56%): Increases oil outputs to help boost revenues
  • High protein content (25-32%): Upgrades nutrient profiles to provide increased value

In addition to being a staple in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines and America’s favorite bun topping, sesame, with its robust nutritional profile, is gaining even more popularity and awareness as a key ingredient in healthy mainstream cooking and in new innovative food applications.

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