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Azelis European Soya Protein Concentrates

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Supporting the growing demand for plant-based proteins Serbian manufacturer Sojaprotein produces locally grown, identity preserved non-GMO soybeans and strictly controls its origin and quality.

Traditional soya protein concentrates are used in a wide range of applications to give or extend a protein source. Available as powder products in the Tradcon F range, or textured products in the Tradcon T range as minces, flakes, chunks and strips.

Tradcon T typically has 70% protein and 0.5% fat. It is very neutral in taste, lighter in colour and maintains its structural integrity. This structure gives a high capacity for absorbing and retaining water, fat and meat or vegetable juices.

  • In both meat and vegan applications Tradcon T is used to extend meat or offer a low-fat protein source.
  • In ready meals and catering it can be used to replace sliced, chopped or minced meat to create low fat, healthy, vegetarian or vegan meals.

Tradcon is the perfect solution for sustainable, EU grown and manufactured, IP Non-GMO Soya needs.