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Gerkens® CT70

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Gerkens® CT70 is a new Cocoa Powder specifically designed for use within baked goods.  The superior characteristics of this innovative variant help deliver an exceptional chocolate flavour and aroma within products such as muffins, brownies and cookies.  With a rich red-brown colour, both fat reduced and high fat options are available.

In comparative blind tests, the enhanced chocolatey taste and smell was recognised as a potential advantage for those customers who wanted to promote indulgence within sweet baked goods

In addition, CT70 can be used for a range of coatings and fillings which pair up perfectly with baked products that also include this powder as part of the recipe.

The experts at Gerkens have developed this magnificent powder whilst maintaining the level of alkalising agents to below 7%.  This helps customers maintain clean labelling when using CT70 (providing that other ingredients used do not contain additional alkalising components).

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