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Get flavour ready to Meat The Challenge!

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In the search for truly pleasurable alternatives to meat there are many challenges. Plant based and plant derived proteins may bring undesirable off tastes, there may be a bitter or astringent after taste and almost certainly there will be lack of a meaty authentic aroma. Add to these the consumer expectations for a juiciness, fattiness and mouthfeel derived from a cooked, fried or grilled item together with the complex nature of the recipe requires combining flavour creation know how with application technology expertise to deliver authentic sensorial solutions.

Silesia and Brenntag Food & Nutrition together have the capabilities to address these challenges. Providing basic meaty masking notes alongside characterising top notes supported by processed, umami, juiciness and a fat booster recreates the great taste experience demanded by today’s consumer who is expecting their meat analogue to eat and taste like meat.

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