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Naledo offers fresh root, powder and turmeric infused oils

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Naledo’s turmeric is a rich deep orange in colour and has delicious earthy tones. Perfect for adding additional health benefits, colour, and flavour to food or beverage products. We offer fresh root, powder, and turmeric infused oils. Our turmeric has been used in golden milk mixtures in cafes, food service, cosmetics and beauty products, drinks, and even alcohol (beer, cocktails, and sprits). Naledo is an experienced exporter, HACCP compliant, GMP, Food Safe For Canadians registered, and FDA registered.

Our turmeric is produced with zero agricultural inputs and empowers communities. We also offer impact measurements so you can communicate to your consumers the positive environmental and social impacts of products containing Naledo’s turmeric. We direct trade so that our supply chain is more equitable and puts more money in the hands of the people that grow our food. It’s a win-win! Growers get paid fairly for their hard work and we all get amazingly fresh turmeric.

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