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New plant based snack ingredients

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We offer innovative, on trend, plant based snack ingredients. These snacks pellets are expandable by either air expansion or frying, have a long shelf life and can offer you a wide choice in base flavours, textures, and shapes. We use many different ingredients from Lentil, Chickpea, Potato, Corn and Pea and have a strong pipeline of innovation including low sodium, low fat, added vegetables , protein and fibre.

Our snack pellets offer you a convenient snacking solution. They are a ‘semi’ finished ingredient which means that once produced by us, they are ready for our customers to manufacture into their finished innovative product. However we work with co-manufacturers across the world who can offer finishing services to your chosen snack. So we can work with you on a total solution to get your snack to market.

We lead on innovation. With a dedicated pilot plant, aptly called The Source of Creation, alongside an experienced NPD team, you can be assured of the very latest snacking concepts. With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing snack pellets, we have a deep understanding of the raw ingredients, the technicality of shape design and application which results in our pellets featuring across an array of global brands and own-label retailer products.

Find out how we can help bring your snacking ideas to life!

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