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Pesol Pea® provides a more sustainable plant-based protein

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At Dacsa Group we’ve launched the Pesol Pea® project: the first High Moisture textured protein production line in Spain. Feeding the entire population in the coming years will no longer be feasible with current production models, and Pesol Pea® provides the market with a more sustainable alternative source of plant-based protein that responds to this need.

With the market going mainstream, plant-based alternatives keep growing rapidly every year. With pea as the story’s main character, our Pesol Pea® is the perfect ingredient to develop new solutions to the alternative proteins increasing demand, all of which are allergen-free, clean label non-GMO.  We count with a guaranteed supply of high-quality, natural, raw materials and can provide both the textured pea protein as an ingredient, as well as the end products by transforming our ingredients into the meals consumers demand.

Pesol Pea’s® fiber-like appearance, adaptable taste and similar-to-meat protein content, allows our customers to develop endless end products combining different tastes, aromas and colours adapting to all cuisines and consumer lifestyles.

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