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Posidonia – the unique 100% natural low sodium salt

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Posidonia is a unique 100% natural low sodium salt (8%), harvested from a UNESCO world heritage site off the island of Formentera.

Formentera’s waters, unique for their transparency and turquoise color, are filtered by the presence of large Posidonia Oceanica underwater meadows. A plant with unique properties that makes it possible to harvest an exceptional salt with exceptional virtues: low sodium and high mineral content.

Posidonia’s unique properties can facilitate a reduction in salt content of up to 30%, with key marketing/selling messages for your product of

  • 100% natural and organic,
  • Only 8% sodium
  • High in minerals such as selenium and magnesium
  • Form a UNESCO world heritage site,
  • Provided by a certified CO2 neutral company
  • Proven successful implementation across many food categories in Europe

Let us support you in achieving the new PHE salt targets for 2024.

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About Posidonia

Help people take care of their health

Posidonia wants to help people all over the world reduce their sodium intake without sacrificing the taste of their food.

According to the WHO, salt alone kills 2.5 million people a year. Our objective: to partner with public authorities and the food industry to have a measurable impact on consumers’ health.

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