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Smarter soybean from Equinom

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Equinom is cultivating soybeans in central and eastern U.S., producing these non-GMO super-trait legumes at high yields. Since one soybean does not feed all, Equinom is designing varieties targeted to optimize each soy food category. Equinom’s whole beans deliver on taste and nutritional goals that are closer to food producers’ needs.


The traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans

Soybean characteristics

  • High protein
  • Light seed weight
  • Low sucrose
  • High oligosaccharides
  • High water absorption


The high-protein bean curd staple that accounts for 50-60% of the soybean market

Soybean characteristics

  • High protein
  • Heavy seed weight
  • Glycinin requirements vary by firmness
  • Pleasing taste
  • Smooth texture

Soymilk, soy flour and high-protein isolate

Protein drinks, soy flour and highly refined or purified soy protein stripped of non-protein components, carbohydrates and fats

Soybean characteristics

  • High protein
  • Heavy seed weight
  • High extractability

Equinom’s technology explained:

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