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Tapping into the new health trend for seamoss

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Seamoss is the “new” health trend. It provides 92 of the 102 necessary elements for proper growth, development and healing of the body; it is an excellent product for health-conscious people, including vegans.

It is beneficial to all age groups including babies and the elderly with immune boosting, energizing and weight control properties. It can be easily incorporated into foods, drinks, cosmetics and beauty products. Seamoss allows you to let your food be your medicine.

It is important to know where your seamoss comes from. With the current demand for sustainable farming practices, this Saint Lucian seamoss is an excellent example. Cultivated in clean Saint Lucian waters, it requires no fertilizer, provides a haven for the fishery including lobsters and other sea creatures, as well as improving the earth’s oxygen.

Our seamoss sold in bulk can be stored in a dry cool place for up to 3 years.

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