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TENDOFORTE® for strong tendons and ligaments

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A tremendous amount of physical power stems from strong tendons and ligaments. TENDOFORTE® is the first nutritional solution on the market for the white tissue, relevant to all sports. Specific for tendons and ligaments, TENDOFORTE® activates the metabolism of cells in these collagen-rich tissues, for their natural renewal and repair. TENDOFORTE® is shown by product-specific research to reduce the problems of overuse and to accelerate return-to-play. TENDOFORTE® can be used both as a supportive nutritional intervention for overuse problems, as well as to help athletes to maintain, increase or get back to their former performance levels quicker and more safely.

There is a real target-consumer need for TENDOFORTE®. In both performance and active nutrition, most trouble result from the overuse of tendons and ligaments, disrupting long term training, with several personal, competitive and financial consequences to the athlete. TENDOFORTE® helps keep athletes in training and performing.