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TIP from Protifarm

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TIP is an innovative food ingredient from Protifarm, it’s a meat alternative you can use in just about any recipe. TIP is all-natural and made from nutritious and sustainable buffalo larva. It’s mild in flavor and delivers protein, fiber, and micronutrients like iron and B12.

TIP allows product developers to easily craft high quality, meaty products that are actually made from meat. Just tiny meat. It’s made by structuring the insect proteins into forms that mimic conventional meat. With TIP, you can make just about anything—burgers, sausages, minced meat, fish, anything. And because the buffalo larva have a clean and neutral flavour profile in TIP, products can be easily flavoured with clean label products like herbs and spices.

Its strong emulsification properties also make it a unique alternative to dairy or eggs in a variety of formulations including bakery products. AdalbaPro TIP’s neutral flavour can be easily customised and enables endless versatility.

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