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Unleash your innovation with SPECTRANCS – Natural Colour Solutions

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Plant Lipids focuses on creating innovative and sustainable products like colors from nature in a sustainable and traceable way. Our plant and R&D centre in UK is BRC accredited and specialized in Natural Food Colours. All our facilities are certified with the highest possible accreditations, to ensure compliance with global food regulations.

Our colour applications ranges from savoury, confectionery, dairy, beverage and many more.

• Savory: We have formulated many colours based on Paprika, Turmeric, Carmine and blends of these pigments to achieve a wide spectrum of shades.
• Confectionary: Our formulation technology produces a broad spectrum of natural colours to cater to the needs of confectionary makers’ worldwide. Prime among these colours are Lutein, Curcumin (Yellow), Paprika, Beta-carotene (Orange), Copper chlorophyllin(green), Anthocyanins (Red to Pink) and Carmine(Pink).
• Dairy: Our water-soluble Annatto extracts present cheese manufacturers with the flexibility to achieve the highest standards of yellow (Cheddar) to orange (Red Leicester).
• Beverages: Our formulations with Lutein (Marigold) for lemon yellow, Beta-Carotene (orange) and Paprika (deep orange/red) are rigorously tested to ensure a wide range of pH applications.

We can customise our solutions to manifold requirements: Vegan, Organic, GMO-free, Kosher, Halal, specific origin ingredients, and fully traceable raw materials. So team up with us to co-create the next consumer-loved innovation for your brand!
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