Could your knowledge help others tackle obesity?

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Following a wake up call from COVID-19, the new obesity strategy from government has put an immediate call for action around the need to tackle obesity with a range of interventions ranging from bans on junk food advertising before 9pm, changes to calorie labelling and a consultation on alcohol. But, does it go far enough to truly help tackle obesity?

Set against the increased focus as a result of COVID-19, campaigners argue that there is no comprehensive long-term strategy to address the underlying problems that underpin the alarming rates of obesity.

Experts from public health, policy and industry will explore the policies and their potential impact across communities as part of the Food Matters Live 2021 live webcast stream Tackling obesity: exploring the impact of policies in practice. They will examine best practice from other countries and discuss the role that industry, education, psychology and behavioural science can play in changing dietary habits. Could you add your expert insight and voice to these webcasts? Get in touch with us now via the form below:

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