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Five takeaways from Food Matters Digital to feed your insight

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With contributors like Kelloggs, Danone, Kalsec, Brenntag, IGD Research, Biocatalysts and many more Food Matters is a great place to feed your insight. Here’s five takeaways from our digital hub this month. Keep following Food Matters as we find the best news and insight from across the food and drink community, including upcoming podcasts with Givaudan, Siemens, Nestlé, Kemin, and the UN World Food Programme.

The food industry is remarkably resilient

With traditional business impacted by lockdowns across the country, food producers, suppliers and retailers are quickly adapting their business models in a resilient way to meet demand and maintain our critical food supply. We’ve seen how much #foodmatters in times of crisis, with wholesalers creating home delivery websites overnight when their traditional restaurant business plummeted, to supermarkets scaling up product lines to meet demand, to directories being set up to guide people towards local food producers that can get them fresh and nutritious food when they can’t access their normal food outlets. It’s clear that those who work in the food industry from top down are truly worthy of being referred to as key workers.

Setting the facts straight on fibre and gut health

Gut health is a fascinating area of research, and the latest Table Talk Podcasts collected a panel including Professor Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbiology, Head of Food Microbial Sciences, Reading University and Laura Tilt, UK Registered Dietitian and health writer to discuss the facts about our gut microbiome, and how fibre plays an important part in its overall health. So far the first episode has more than 450 downloads in less than a week, listen to both episodes from the hand playlist below:

Ingredients companies share the food trends of the future

Ingredients companies are at the sharp end of the food supply chain, as they’re expected to react efficiently to changing needs and trends and then help shape the development of those trends with better textures, flavours and experiences. We gathered four ingredients experts from Brenntag, Kalsec, GNT and FMCG Gurus to explain how they balance consumer demand, health and do a bit of future-gazing as they predict what will make up the future of food.

Consumers want to make healthier choices

Consumers want to make healthier choices, but often find it difficult to determine how they can make that change and need support from the food and drink industry to do so. That’s according to new research from research and training charity IGD, who are calling on the industry to join their cause. Susan Barratt, CEO of IGD commented: “Working with our colleagues in the industry we hope the Appetite for Change report will provide tangible inspiration to encourage steps towards behavioural change in consumers’ diets.” To read their full piece click here.

Biotech has many roles in food and nutrition

One of our featured interviews recently looked into the role that biotech has to play in food and nutrition, with Rod Sears Black, Managing Director, Biocatalysts Inc explaining that biotech actually plays a part in many areas of the food supply chain. With a look at plant-based proteins, flavour manipulation, and the recovery of protein that would otherwise be lost to food waste, this interview is a fascinating look into the impact of biotech on food.