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Healthy flavour boost in a bottle! Buyers invited to get free Just Real product sample for Tanya’s Talk

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Tanya Lambert, founder of Just Real is delighted to be part of the line-up of speakers for this year’s Food Matters Live on Wednesday the 14th of October. The talk about nutrition for health and wellbeing is an area in which Tanya feels hugely passionate about.

Tanya is offering a limited number of samples to buyers keen to try the products in conjunction with the talk. Interested buyers should simply email to request yours.

Tanya’s Just Real represents the UK’s first chilled, cold-pressed range of sauces. Each bottle is packed with ‘just real’ freshly prepared veg, herbs and fruit bursting with flavour and ready to be enjoyed with any meat, fish or vegetable-based dish, capitalising on the growing interest in healthy scratch cooking.

Tanya is delighted to be part of the line-up of speakers for this year’s Food Matters Live on Wednesday the 14th of October. The talk is Retail trends spotlight: nutrition for health and wellbeing. This an area in which Tanya feels hugely passionate about and she is offering samples to those keen to try the products. Tanya is passionate about feeding the human body the right food to ensure it works to its best ability.

The talk is an innovative way of combining the Stella show line-up and sampling all from the comfort of your own desk.

Buyers who are interested in receiving a sample please email

The entire collection of six sauces boasts a squeaky-clean ingredient list, each one is naturally vegan, free from gluten, wheat, lactose or dairy, contains no added salt, refined sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. The totally natural, sumptuous sauces can be used hot or cold and are perfect for marinating, grilling, stir-frying, dressing, dipping, drizzling and so much more. Tanya will share her views and experience on creating a clean product, on ensuring your retail space has the on trend products that your customers are looking for and the best way in which to communicate with your customers to encourage healthy choices.

The current line-up includes Beetroot Cahoot (naturally sweet with undertones of horseradish and dill), Teriyaki Malarkey (a warm spicy ginger and soy taste of the orient), Cucumber Blunder (zesty and light with a gingery bite), Smokey Cokey (a fresh twist on the classic smokey barbecue sauce), Fiery Fiasco (a fiery Thai Basil and chilli kick) and Minted Mayhem (a totally modern take on everyday mint sauce).

Commenting on the launch, founder Tanya Lambert said, “As a busy working parent myself, I wanted to deliver a simple solution for families to enjoy the benefits of cooking from scratch, offering an easy and totally delicious way to incorporate ‘clean’ freshly prepared vegetables, herbs and fruit into the diet – but without the mess, stress and waste. Tanya’s Just Real’s flavours are designed to appeal to a wide audience, providing the opportunity to transform any dish whilst delivering essential healthy nutrients in a highly convenient format.”

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