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Join organisations helping support vulnerable people with FareShare

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Your business can help support vulnerable people facing food poverty by working with the UK’s largest food redistribution charity. By working with FareShare, you can manage your food waste by redistributing your high-quality surplus to good causes across the UK. With a network of over 11,000 charities and community groups, FareShare supports a wide range of frontline organisations, working to help support the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“We’re really grateful for FareShare,” said one charity group, Cadogs Corner, based in Barry, Wales.

A project that usually runs a community café, since the pandemic first hit in March last year, they have since evolved their operation to deliver food parcels safely to families’ doors instead.

“Before the pandemic, we usually provided between 30 and 40 food parcels for families each week. Now, with the lockdown putting many families under increased pressure, we’re getting out parcels to well over 200 families across Barry.”

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic being felt throughout the country, the need for support is higher than ever, with FareShare providing over the equivalent of over 2 million meals per week to help those facing food poverty.

It’s thanks to the partnerships within the food industry that FareShare continues to be able to provide this much-needed support is vital to millions of people across the UK.

Working with organisations from retailers to farmers, start-ups to global FMCG corporations, FareShare enables food businesses to give purpose to their surplus food, redistributing their good-to-eat food waste to frontline charities, rather than to landfill or anerobic digestion.

FareShare’s work with the food industry is vital. Without the support of food partners and their surplus food that is diverted, the millions of meals that FareShare redistributes to vulnerable communities across the UK would not be possible.

By working closely with the industry, FareShare can help provide solutions to overcome the barriers to redistributing more surplus food, such as the Surplus with Purpose fund that was introduced to help to offset some of the additional costs that can occur when diverting surplus food.

From ambient to fresh produce, dairy to meat products – FareShare welcomes a huge range of foods into their warehouses and – with a Commercial Manager to help every step of the way – provides a more sustainable way for food organisations to manage their food waste levels.

Working closely with Wrap and DEFRA, FareShare also supports organisations who are part of Champions 12.3 and could help provide your organisation with an effective and sustainable process to help measure and manage your food waste, in a way that supports those who need it most.

“Working with FareShare has massively reduced our food waste,” said Sarah West, National Accounts Executive at itsu, a food partner of FareShare.

“This will make a massive change in our business in the long term as we will now use FareShare for a solution in the future for all of our surplus stock to reduce our waste and therefore increase our sustainability.

Where we would have to dispose of extra unsold stock, we’ve been able to share it with charities, which is great because we are reducing our waste as well as giving to people in need.”

Find out how your organisation could manage food waste and support frontline charities with FareShare.

Visit our website here, or get in touch with a member of the Food Team here.

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