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Nulogy webinar: Achieving agility in manufacturing

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This Wednesday, May 27 at 2 PM BST/3 PM CEST, Nulogy will be hosting a live webinar “Achieving Agility In Manufacturing’ on its end-to-end contract manufacturing solution for manufacturers in the UK and Europe. The webinar will discuss and demonstrate how an end-to-end digital factory solution can rapidly digitalise and illuminate every detail of your shop floor and operations for enhanced operational agility and resilience.

Registration is free, and attendees will also gain access to a downloadable recording of the webinar after the presentation. Hope to see you then!

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More about the “Achieving Agility In Manufacturing” webinar

The Contract Manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global supply chain organisations are being forced to rapidly respond, adapt and scale to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and dynamic market.

Increased market volatility is putting even greater pressure on Contract Manufacturing operations that already needed to be nimble. More than ever, contract manufacturers need agility to manage operations with greater control, while meeting brand customers’ quality standards. However, this is not achievable with a legacy setup consisting of an ERP system with a handful of spreadsheets.

In this live webinar, Nulogy will discuss and demonstrate how an end-to-end digital factory solution can empower you to drive agility and control by rapidly digitalising and illuminating every detail of your shop floor and operations. Join our session to learn:

  • How to optimally manage your production schedules so you can accurately adjust to the changing demands of your customers.
  • How to ensure that the right material gets to the right place at the right time.
  • Ways to track and manage production processes to generate real-time dashboards such as production performance, line availability, to reduce costs, bolster throughput and unveil valuable insights.
  • Methods to efficiently and effectively maintain quality control throughout your operations via digital quality inspections, e-signatures, and so much more.
  • Register today and gain a competitive edge in your manufacturing operations.

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