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One year, 20,000 downloads: how a podcast enabled industry leaders to tackle the biggest topics

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With more than 20,000 downloads, and partners including Kelloggs, Siemens, Givaudan, Clasado, Volac and more, the Table Talk Podcast is digging deep into the issues that matter for the future of food and drink.

Covering plant-based proteins, gut health science, nutraceutical innovation, sports nutrition, and the quest for a sustainable future the Table Talk podcast has allowed its audience a window inside the mindset of the leaders who are driving change in the food and drink industry.

1,500 downloads a month

On average, 1,500 food and drink industry professionals are downloading and enjoying the Table Talk Podcast each month. With weekly episodes bringing together panels of experts from across the sector, the podcast offers our community the chance to come together and learn the challenges we face, and identify ways we can work towards solutions that will facilitate a sustainable food future.

All this activity has propelled the Table Talk Podcast into the charts, reaching number 6 in the top Food category podcasts for Apple in the UK!

A host who brings a unique perspective

Table Talk Podcast host Stefan Gates

The Table Talk Podcast is hosted by Stefan Gates, a hugely popular writer and TV presenter with a vast breadth of knowledge and a confident, sparky presenting style. He’s renowned for his love of quirky culinary quests and extraordinary food adventures.

Stefan Gates has written and presented 16 TV series including food science series Harvest (BBC2), Food Factory (BBC1) and E Numbers: An Edible Adventure (BBC2), and three series of Cooking in the Danger Zone (BBC2) about global hunger and the politics of food and most recently Secrets of Your Supermarket Food (Channel 5). His programmes are shown in over 50 countries around the world. He also made the acclaimed kids’ series Incredible Edibles and Gastronuts (CBBC). He is a regular panel guest on Channel 5’s The Jeremy Vine Show. He wrote and presented popular BBC4 documentaries: Can Eating Insects Save the World? and Calves Heads and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food. He was a reporter on new series Travels with my Goat for Insight TV and has won several awards for his TV series and books.

Stefan’s passion for the food industry and interest in the challenges it faces provides him with a unique perspective, and an ability to get deeper into the topics that really matter to our listeners.

A global audience

In the last 30 days listeners of the Table Talk Podcast have tuned in from the UK, Australia, United States, India, South Africa, Canada and mainland Europe, bringing together a truly global community of industry professionals.

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