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Since it’s launch in 2019, over 50,000 listeners across the world have tuned-in to Table Talk. In a world of digital clutter, podcasts provide a respite from the commotion as well as the opportunity to engage deeply with a topic in a calm and sedate way. This creates the perfect opportunity to truly engage an audience with your messaging.

You’re invited to curate your own podcast, joining leaders like Kelloggs, Clasado Biosciences, Givaudan, Glanbia Nutritionals, Siemens and more who’ve partnered with Table Talk.

Table Talk Podcast Host Stefan Gates

In focus soon

Every week the Table Talk Podcast tackles the subjects that matter to you, joining the liveliest and most engaging characters from food, tech, and nutrition to get a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Upcoming episodes include:

  • Becoming a sustainable business and achieving zero carbon status
  • The latest innovations to support reformulation to help achieve the new Obesity Strategy
  • E-sports nutrition, and how this growing sector is developing
  • How the food industry can help create healthier food systems
  • How we can build a sustainable future through agri tech

and much more

Benefits of becoming a Table Talk Podcast Partner

Curate your message
Our professional production team will help you create your personally tailored narrative. You can choose to have a large multinational panel discussion or just a single expert taking part, with completely scripted dialogue or free-flowing conversation around themes you identify. The choice is yours.
Receive multi-channel promotion
Your podcast appears on the most popular listening platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google. As part of your partnership we also create social media Audiograms, highly shareable video clip soundbites from your episode, to drive awareness and amplify your core theme and message.
Access a valuable audience 
Our Table Talk ecosystem consists of more than 100,000 food and nutrition industry professionals, who work in all facets of the industry from food science, to reformulation, to marketing. Establish your credentials as a voice to be listened to, and a thought-leader who is contributing to change.

Recent partnerships include

Join one of the founders of Ulrick & Short, Adrian Short, and their R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, as they discuss the origins of the clean-label movement, what the future of food transparency looks like, new trends on the horizon, and if clean-label itself will survive COVID-19.

What are the latest umami trends and innovations? Why do consumers love umami? What does umami actually taste like? What does consumer research tell us about the umami taste experience? In partnership with Givaudan we find out the answers.

What do we mean by a healthy gut, and what impact can changing our diet and fibre intake have on improving our gut health? Brought to you by the Wellbeing Team at Kellogg’s, we’re joined by two experts in the field of gut health, as we explore this fascinating world.

About our host Stefan Gates

Stefan Gates is a television presenter, author and writer. He has created 11 television series, including “Gastronuts,” “Incredible Edibles” and “Full on Food,” and several documentaries. His passion for food and nutrition brings the energy and buzz in the subjects featured in the Table Talk Podcast to the fore.

About our production team

Our professional in-house production team will work with you every step of the way. From concept brainstorming and scheduling to recording and publication. Post-publication our marketing and social media teams will work with you to help maximise reach. Post-publication analytics will show you how many listeners, interactions, and clicks your episode achieved during its life-cycle.

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