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Equinom: “This a sign that we’re on the right path”

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Smarter Seeds by Equinom are the Food Matters Live Awards 2020 Food Tech Innovation of the Year award winner. Itai Bichler, CMO, Equinom, believes that the recognition is a sign that the brand is taking the right steps.

Equinom are a young brand, commercially launching in the US in 2017, and are looking to establish their position as a global brand. Operating in five continents, they are very much spread out across the world, and have managed to secure a number of strategic investments in their eight-year journey that are giving them a promising future.

About Smarter Seeds

Equinom is transforming the food industry, strategically breeding non-GMO ‘Smarter Seeds’ with super-traits: exceptional characteristics, superior nutritional profiles and outstanding crop yields. By integrating cutting-edge computational technology with a fast-track, data-driven breeding methodology, Equinom is successfully re-introducing high-value characteristics and organoleptic properties from genes that were lost to yield-focused industrial breeding. Equinom is the only legume and sesame breeder that designs seeds exclusively for the food industry, offering food manufacturers endless ingredient possibilities – to feed the explosive growth in the plant-based product market.

Equinom is leveraging the bounties of nature by custom-breeding health-centric legumes and sesame, enabling the food industry to cherry-pick these ingredients to serve consumer needs. Setting new seed standards, Equinom combines superior nutrition, appeal and function, along with cultivation versatility and durability without compromising on yield.

Equinom has merely scratched the surface in breeding trait-rich grains that cater to diverse applications. These special grains, bred from hearty and hardy varieties, deliver broad functionality, superior protein, stellar yield and disease-resistant durability. Soon on the menu: high-potential, nutritious seeds tailored to local climates and cultural recipes – including chickpeas, mung beans, quinoa, cowpeas and fava beans.

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