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Seaweed & Co: “Our mission is to make seaweed mainstream”

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The 2020 New Ingredient of the Year Food Matters Live Awards winner was Univar Solutions in partnership with Seaweed & Co for PureSea® Protect. Find out how they plan to take make seaweed mainstream.

About PureSea® Protect – Univar Solutions in partnership with Seaweed & Co.

PureSea® Protect provides you all the health and on-trend benefits of highly nutritious seaweed that can be used in any food and nutrition application. Its flavourless powder format protects your finished products from the more savoury flavours of seaweed, and it’s unique microencapsulated plant-based coating better protects key nutrients for targeted release during digestion.

PureSea® is harvested and processed in the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides.

With seaweed as the only natural plant-based good source of essential iodine, PureSea® Protect enables EU Approved Health Claims, and research shows benefits in blood sugar and weight management.

About Seaweed & Co

Seaweed’s applications and benefits are new to many people, and so a little extra guidance is often helpful. Whether you are a brand or manufacturer looking for support for your internal teams, or a seaweed intrigued consumer looking to understand what seaweed is, where it is from, how to use it, our seaweed products and expertise are here to help. Seaweed & Co. delivers the quality, safety, world-class traceability, and functionality of seaweed, from sea to store.

We want to educate and advise manufacturers, brands and consumers on the benefits of seaweed. And, we offer products that are easy to use, and show that seaweed isn’t weird, its wonderful!

That is why we work from sea to store, producing our PureSea Ingredient range for food and nutrition manufacturers and brands, and use it as the basis for our own Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful range of seaweed products for consumers.

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